Daniel Reuter
Does function require a context? In Vessel, Daniel Reuter explores the interiors of a data center; function is obscured as distinct light sources highlight decontextualized objects and silver textures. Reuter´s dibond mounted photographs reflect warehouse complexes of nondescript industrial interiors. His images contain portrayers of function that are devoid of meaning and abstract in their non-recognizability, commenting on a certain arbitrariness of meaning. A data center stores something, but there is
simultaneously nothing to see. These structures support something, we know, but it is absent, global in its sense of non-location.

We expect human presence, but it is void in these recognizable mechanical forms, displaced from association. There is an effort to detach these photos from a sense of location - especially within the context of Iceland this is important, a place where an intrinsic connection to our nature and geography is such a strong focus. These interiors you cannot place, and in a literal sense, they show nothing, an objectness without context.

Vessel is the first of three installments of the exhibition and project series Latent Shadow , curated by Claudia Hausfeld and Daría Sól Andrews, presented in Harbinger over the course of 2020.

Daniel Reuter was born in Germany and lives and works between Luxembourg and Reykjavik, Iceland.
By abstraction and decontextualization, Reuter's work navigates the divide between lived experience and fiction. His image sequences play with narrative form and challenge notions of place, often within the confines
of the photographic book.
Reuter's first book, "History of the Visit", was published in 2013 by Peperoni Books (Berlin) and was shortlisted for the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation First Photobook of the Year Award 2013 and for the German Photobook Award 2015. A sequel, titled "Circle Square", was published by Roman Nvmerals in New York in 2017. Reuter's long term project "Providencia" will be exhibited as part of the official program of the 2020 Rencontres d'Arles.

Curators Daria Sól Andrews & Claudia Hausfeld