Listaháskóli Íslands - Þverholti 11
A Valley and other moving landscapes
Nicolas Giraud
8. janúar klukkan 12:00-13:00
Nicolas Giraud is an artist and photographer, living and working in Paris and Arles. His work deals with the construction and circulation of images. His artistic research is also conducted through teaching, critical writings and occasional curating. His work is represented by the Frank Dumont gallery in Los Angeles and the gallery mfc michèle didier in Paris.

Giraud will give a lecture about his projects Wednesday the 8th of January 2020 at the Iceland University of the Arts, Þverholt 11. 

A Valley is a long-term photo-project studying the effect of industrial history on landscape. This project and other related strategies will be developed for this lecture. The attempt is to question the way our representation of the world are shifting to a fluid and moving image of landscapes.
The lecture is a part of the Icelandic Photo Festival, it will be in English and all are welcome.