Klængur Gunnarsson
Hrafn Hólmfríðarson Jónsson

15.1.2022 - 30.1.2022
There are infinite ways of how we go about our lives, or at least that has been the narrative of our societies for some time. In reality, we are always limited by something and it is within these limitations we go about our everyday lives. Every day we attempt to reach an agreement on how we meander within these limitations. These attempts can be simple - such as admiring a sunset or cloudscapes - or spectacular, such as flying in the air on skis.

On Saturday the 15th of January, the exhibition Airtight opens at Ásmundarsalur. The exhibition ponders on the subtle and perhaps elusive possibilities in everyday life, as well as the more festive and striking ways of retreating from it.

For this exhibition, Hrafn Hólmfríðarson Jónsson (Krummi) pays attention to his habitat and the physical restrictions and limitations he deals with as an aftermath of a stroke he endured as a teenager. In his work for Airtight, Klængur Gunnarsson contemplates unremarkable day-to-day boredom and the different avenues of how to deal with it.